20 de septiembre de 2009

IN THE NAME OF THE SON by Mario G. Huacuja


In the Name of the Son is the most recent novel by Mexican author Mario G. Huacuja.
About the Book
Through its examination of the relationship between a single immigrant mother and her son, In the Name of the Son offers a perspective on the lives of Hispanic American migrants, as well as the social, political and economic upheavals that marked the U.S. and Mexico at the beginning of the 21st Century.
Julieta Sanchez lives with her son in Manhattan’s upper west side. As her son grows up, he naturally becomes curious about his origins, and about the father he never knew. His quest to discover his true identity will take him to Mexico City and to Paris, back to New York, and finally to the tropical rainforests of southeastern Mexico.
The story narrates the internal conflict of a young man trying to ascertain the identity of his father, who will ultimately uncover the unexpectedly violent and disturbing truth of his origins. His search leads him into a labyrinth full of mirrors, where he finds his own reflection changing at every step.
Mario Huacuja delivers a fast-paced novel with a cinematic flavor, offering unexpected twists in every scene. It is perhaps no accident that one of the characters turns out to be the silver screen legend himself, Robert De Niro.
About the Author
Mario Guillermo Huacuja was born in Mexico City. He has worked as a journalist, a professor at Mexico´s National University, a TV scriptwriter, a radio commentator, social communications director for the Mexican Ministry of the Environment, a novelist and a sailor. He sailed from Acapulco to Japan in an ancient carabela, a replica of Christopher Columbus's Santa Maria. His novel In the Name of the Son, about a Mexican immigrant growing up in New York City, is his first novel translated into English. His most recent novel, “Coyoacán, Hora Cero”, revolves around the Aztec prophecy of the Apocalypse, and is set in Coyoacán, one of Mexico City's most popular colonial neighborhoods.

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